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Issue 92 — August 10, 2018

Obey Giant Film by James Moll (Sacramento)

Sacramento screening of the Obey Giant Film by James Moll

Come and see the movie on the big screen documenting the life and progression of Shepard Fairy building himself a name and and career in a creative industry that is renownedly difficult to succeed in . This Film is currently only available to view exclusivly via the big screen…

more info on the movie in the words of Shepard …

It’s surreal, humbling, but also incredibly exciting that I’m deemed worthy enough to be the subject of a documentary film, so I’m incredibly honored to share the ‘OBEY GIANT’ documentary about my life. The thing I’m most excited about with this documentary is the opportunity to show people what it took for me to live a creative life, so they might be inspired to pursue whatever their passion is. Thanks so much for your support! Thanks to Elysium Bandini Studios, Hulu, James Moll, James Franco, and countless others for their work on this project. I hope you enjoy!

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