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Issue 90 — June 19, 2018

OBEY Giant Premiere Montreal

mural fest montreal obey giant

On Friday, June 15 we premiered the OBEY GIANT film in Montreal at the Mural Fest. A few hundred people got to sit outside in the summer weather to enjoy this film. Thanks to Mural fest & AJG for helping put everything together. In the words of Jon G… 

“This event went exactly how we envisioned it. Outdoors screening in a public park on a beautiful summer night where the Mural Festival was taking place ( The best part of the evening was watching people’s reactions – lots of smiles, lots of laughs, no getting up or leaving (pretty good for a Friday night in a public park in the Montreal bar area – in fact the crowd only grew bigger as the evening went), no texting etc. Total attention & captivity. During the part explaining how the current Andre face logo came about, some people were pulling out the stickers I gave them, figuring out the face for the first time & had that “woah” look on their faces. It was heart warming. “


Thank you to the Mural Fest & AGJ for helping put together this amazing outdoor screening of OBEY Giant. Photos by Patrick Gougeon. See more pictures here.


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