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Issue 82 — October 6, 2017

Danny Fox at the Saatchi Gallery

Discovering Danny Fox’s work was incredibly exciting for me. I hadn’t been so thrilled by painting since I first stumbled upon Peter Blake’s work in my early teens. Ironically the first time I saw Danny’s work in person was opposite a Peter Blake exhibition. I won’t pretend to intellectualize Danny’s work because I can’t speak for him. What I will say is that technically his marks and the naivety in his pieces are absolutely beautiful. It’s obvious to me, that Danny’s work comes from an honest place and you can see he enjoys painting for the sake of painting – no bullshit. The scale of his work really made an impact on me and just doesn’t compare to seeing it in a book or on the internet so I would urge you to go and see his exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Danny, truly an honor.

Photographs and writing by Ollie Murphy



Danny Fox is in the group exhibition ‘Iconoclasts’ at Saatchi Gallery, until 7th January

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