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Issue 75 — March 2, 2017

Shangri-La’s Glastonbury Exhibition Takeover at the V&A Museum – Round-Up

Shangri-La's Glastonbury Exhibition Takeover at the V&A Museum - Round-Up - Obey Magazine


Last month, in the dead of night and armed with buckets, paste and brushes we, and the creative team behind Shangri-la, infiltrated the prestigious V&A Museum in London to add Shepard’s artwork to the Glastonbury Land and Legend Exhibition.

The exhibition was a celebration of Glastonbury Festival and, as always, we were there to help the Shangri-La section of the festival put their unique and wonderful take on the proceedings.

The whole exhibition featured artwork that had been exclusively created for the festival over the years. Along with Shepard’s artwork the exhibition also featured the work of Jimmy Cauty, Chu, Paul Insect, Dr D, Noki, Mobstr, Steve Cutts, Dan Hillier, Andi Rivas, Carl Cashman, Charlie Anderson, Darren Cullen, Angry Dan, Hugo Farmer, Hal Hefner, Jim Chambers, Webbo, Hutch, Mark Hooley, Objectables, Aaron Baker and Natasha Carter.

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos taken by Ibby Azab.

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