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Issue 70 — October 23, 2016

Studio visit with artist: Rachel Louise Hodgson

Studio visit with artist Rachel Louise Hodgson by Ollie Murphy - Obey Magazine

Rachel Hodgson is an artist living and working just outside London in Brighton. I’ve always been a big fan of Rachel’s work and it was very exciting to see her studio and the process of her work. Rachel works with many different mediums including photography, paint and video whilst maintaining a strong individual style that is consistent throughout all her work. I loved looking through Rachels sketchbooks, she draws and paints in a naive style that I just can’t get enough of. Me and Rachel are going to collaborate in a few months, designing the inside of a restaurant / club in Singapore called Three Buns. To see more of Rachel’s work please check out her instagram.img094 img093 img091   img084 img083 img082 img080 img079 img078 img077 img076 img075 img074 img069 img068  img066 img065 img061 img056 img055   img052 img050 img044   img039 img037


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